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President's Message


It is necessary to see beyond the horizon for the future
Sakarya have the economic size, one of the top ten stock exchanges established in Turkey has been instrumental in the establishment in this city. Our Exchange President Gazi Mustafa Kemal and his cabinet members on April 18, 1925 then established by a decision of 11 ministers, of the world economic crisis in 1929, which was received on the state to influence the Turkey was closed as many stock market measures accordingly.

Commodity Exchanges, which is one of the important institutions of free markets, brings the buyer and the seller together and ensures that the prices are formed in a free competitive environment. For this purpose, our exchange, which was re-established in 1957 with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce, now serves its 1050 members with its 20 staff, as well as its registration offices in Hendek, Karasu, Kocaali districts and mobile registration application.

The foundations of the corporate culture of our Exchange are oriented towards achieving maximum efficiency in service processes and processes by acting in a member-oriented manner. In this process, it is aimed to target the quality standards based on the universal contemporary principles of management science and to make all processes in line with the requirements of the age and the needs of the members. In the provision of services, justice, transparency and effectiveness are taken into the center, in addition to the framework set by the law.
In our stock exchange, not only public services such as registration and registration provided by law, but also strategic support services to increase member satisfaction. Strategic activities such as consultancy, business development, and training services that will contribute to the development of our members' institutional capacities are very important.

Exchange we started to implement our institutionalization process in 2008 ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union began taking our accredited stock certificate. The subsequent ISO 10002 and ISO 27001 management systems are the guides that determine our road map in improving our service processes and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our exchange is included in a number of exchanges with A quality service certificate under the TOBB roof.

Sakarya Commodity Exchange has accomplished successful projects from past to present. Our first project was to establish the fully equipped “Adapazari Commodity Exchange Special Food Control Laboratory” that the food sector needs in our province. Our laboratory consists of toxin, chemistry, microbiology, departments and 150 different parameters are analyzed. The number of analysis is constantly changing according to customer demands and our analysis results are internationally accepted.

Our second important project was to bring the Livestock Exchange, equipped with a modern technology, consisting of paddock, social facility, quarantine barn and auction hall, to the city on Friday.

Our third project was to present the Sakarya Commodity Exchange special education center, which is composed of a sports complex, a zoo and a family center for the education of disabled and autistic children, within the framework of our Social Responsibility Policy. Today, it is not only the quality of the goods or services that they produce, but also the values ​​they bring to the society, which make the institutions valuable and make a difference. Therefore, we care about this project, which we carry out with the understanding of volunteering, to set an example.

As the custodians of this city, it is necessary to undertake projects focused on institutional development, sustainable development in agriculture, and efficiency on social efficiency in order to shape our future. It acts devoted and planned to fulfill the requirements of this responsibility on our exchange, and contributes to the development of the province and its members through service-oriented investments.
We have determined our road map in line with our stock exchange's vision of creating value for its stakeholders and the mission of producing effective solutions for its members. Projects such as ensuring continuity in satisfaction with the stock market services, developing policies to solve sectoral problems, R&D and Project activities, bringing licensed warehousing to our province, developing local and regional development oriented plans, projects and cooperation opportunities are among our priorities.

As Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said, “It is not enough for a traveler walking on his path to see the horizon alone. He must surely see beyond the horizon ”. In line with this doctrine, we will work with all our strength to position the Sakarya Commodity Exchange as the indispensable actor of the province.

Stock Exchange Complaint Line: 0533 151 52 90
Adem Sari
Sakarya Commodity Exchange
Chairman of the Board