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Sakarya’s local agribusiness merchants enterprised the foundation of Sakarya Commodity Exchange on 18 February 1957. Ministry of Commerce approved the establishment of Sakarya Commodity Exchange on 19 February 1957 and it started taking action on 15 April 1957.

At foundation, Sakarya Commodity Exchange had 215 members and a profession committee of 5 and is the 33rd of the commodity exchanges founded in the country.

Our commodity exchange is a legal entity which was established on the basis of 28th article of Law of Chambers and Exchanges numbered 5174 to meet the common needs of its members, to facilitate the professional activities, to ensure the development of the profession in accordance with the general interests, to make dominant the priority and confidence in its members relations to each other and to public, to purchase and sell the materials belong to Stock Exchange in province Sakarya and to detect, register and declare the prices that occur in the Stock Exchange. 

Branches of the Sakarya Commodity Exchange are; Assembly, Board of Directors, Disciplinary Committee and Commissions. Exchange has total 15 high educated staff including one General Secretary.

There are seven profession groups in Sakarya Commodity Exchange related to the member’s professions. An assembly of 21 is selected within these profession groups every four years and seven assembly members form the upper management as Board of Directors. 

Our exchange started running in a building which belongs to Chamber of Commerce and Industry at foundation. Afterwards, it started purchase and sale for commodty exchange by renting a 5-acre field and establishing offices for tradesmen and producers who farm potato, onion and pumkin seed.

On 1977, Cooperative of Potato Production and Consumption, founded a potato market place at Erenler together with commodity exchange. With this foundation, tradesmen and producers who are located at the 5-acre field, were moved to market place. The offices in the field were rented to broom producers. That action started heather purchase and sale for commodity exhange.

Since 3 buildings were not enough for potato, onion, pumpkin seed and heather, offices at potato market place were turned into a bureau with a construction. Our commodity exchange maintained the activity there until 1999. On 1992, our goverment noticed the importance of commodity offices and released a notification of joint responsibilty for commodity exchanges. Notification came up with number 164. This incident has increased our capasity by %100 and a new source of commodity exchange area has become mandatory.

With our own sources, commodity exchange has bought a 30-acre field at Tekeler Mahallesi, Çevre Yolu. A construction of 132 heather offices, 1 admisitration office, 1 purchase and sale building and a social facility building, which was turned to a laboratory later on, has started with the name Zahireciler ve Süpürgeciler Sitesi.

Construction was completed in 4 years and commodity exchange started activity there on 19 April 1999. Currently, heather purchase and sale is runned on this facility.