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According to Law number 5174;

·          To issue and register the purchase and sale of the products that belong to exchange

·          To detect and announce the daily prices on duly

·          To form rules and provisions with approval of Turkey Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, that shows;

-  Buyer and salesmen’s obligations for delivery, receipt and disbursement

-  Active conditions on prices

v  Liquidation conditions

-  Minimum qualifications and treatments of all kinds of products

-  Discretionary arbitration procedures on dispute procedure

·          To communicate for prices by observing international and national commodity exchanges and markets.

·          To set technical offices and laboratories to identify types and qualifications of the products that belongs to exchange

·          To identify and announce exchange’s habits and customary.

·          To accomplish the duties that The Ministry of Industry and Trade hands out.

Sakarya Commodity Exchange provides a modern bidding system that faces the salesmen and buyer. Within the market of this bidding system, price analysis plays an important part on the mobility of trade.