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About Sakarya Commodity Exchange

1- Stock Exchanges are the legal entity establishments that are occupying with purchasing and selling of materials belong to Stock Exchange and with the detection and declaration of the prices. 

2- Sakarya Commodity Exchange was established in 1957. 

3- The most important of the substances subject to the Stock Exchange quotation are the Livestock, Nuts, Corn, Heather, Potato, Onion and the Pumpkin Seed. 

4- Campus of our Commodity Exchanges was established in the 27 decare-area.  Administration building is 938 m, Social Facilities are 336 m and at the social facilities building there are also Accredited Food Laboratory. It has 3 buildings including the Heather Purchase and Sale Hall, which is 309 m. we have got  60 (100,110,120 m ) in the Corn Chandler Site and 66 (75m ) in the Seller of Brooms Site, totally 126 mezzanines  and also we have got 60 toned electronic truck scales.  

5- In our Stock Exchange have worked still 16 staffs.

6- There are General Secretariat, Accounting, Registration, Personnel and Administrative Affairs, Transactions Quality Management and Media in our Stock Exchange units. 

7- In our Stock Exchange there are two auction halls, a conference hall, an assembly meeting room and a project room.

8- Also our Stock Exchange has got a 230m and two-staged building in Erenler Patetes Hali (Erenler Potato Marketplace) where our Stock Exchange has left. Also 4 shops under this building and an office on this building rented. 

9- Our Stock Exchange render service to the Manufacturer, the Consumer, Merchant and contributes to the formation of daily prices.

10- Our Sakarya Stock Exchange is in the top 5 Stock Exchange within the 113 Stock Exchange in Turkey.